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A unique, contemporary golf experience for everyone

At Pioneer Pointe, you will find 13 premier golf holes ranging from 100 to 280 yards, creating a fun challenge for golfers of all ages and abilities. Using inspiration and features from famous golf holes, the Midwest-based firm of Lohmann-Quitno designed an exceptional course that is anything but your average public golf experience.

The Golf Shop hours are currently 10:00 am - 2:00 pm Monday - Friday

Click below to learn more about Pioneer Pointe. .

13 premier
golf holes...

but there's more

Not only are there 13 unique golf holes to enjoy, but we have more big plans. Check out all of the exciting things you will find at Pioneer Pointe.


"People are getting creative about the game of golf. It’s an opportunity that we’re really excited about and we have all the confidence in the world people are going to (embrace) it."

- Kyle Haen, Co-Owner and Developer

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