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Golf Lessons at Pioneer Pointe

Would you like to introduce your children to golf or assist them with building their golf skills? Our 2024 Summer Junior Lesson Series information can be accessed by clicking here. The 2024 Junior Lesson Series is open to all juniors ages 6-14 who are looking forward to developing an increased interest or continued development in golf and proper fundamentals and etiquette. Small group instruction will be coordinated on Wednesdays and the information provided should be easy to understand. Please make sure to reach out to Marcus with any questions regarding Junior Golf.

Private Lessons

Marcus Suelflow, PGA

40-minute lesson $70

Five lesson series $300

30-minute junior lesson $40

Five lesson junior series $175

Brent Wileman, PGA Associate

40-minute lesson $60

30-minute junior lesson $40

Junior Golf Lessons

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